Crazy Time

The darkest show in online casinos!

A wide range of interactive bonus functions, a high RTP indicator and a magic atmosphere - this and much more you can find in the Crazy Time show from Evolution Gaming. Read the article below, and we guarantee that you will want to immerse yourself in this crazy world and discover its amazing secrets.

Crazy Time is a new interactive offer from Evolution Gaming - and it's really new because she was presented as a headliner at this year's Ice trade fair in London.

It is also the most expensive game ever created by the developer, and its design lasted all year round!

So is it really worth on time and funds? Of course!

This is a game based on another product from the Evolution Gaming - Dream Catcher portfolio, but about it later in the article.

Crazy Time - Information

Game name:

Crazy Time


Evolution Gaming


95 - 96% (depending on the casino)


Circle fortune, four bonus rounds, multipliers

Minimum bet:

0.1 (currency depending on the casino)

Maximum bet:

100 (currency depending on the casino)

Maximum win:

Multipliers can give 25,000x

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What is Crazy Time?

The game is maintained in the Teleshow Convention. If you add to this fact that the main attraction remains a fortune near the attraction, you can combine its form with the popular Australian show broadcast mainly in the 90s.

Well, and unfortunately it will not be reasonable, because rightly on the river all similarities end.

Crazy Time will take you to the spacious and full colors of the studio. You will notice the giant fortune connected to the vending machine.

You can find the game in the section CasinoWhich means that it takes place in real time.

It is therefore carried out by a real person and broadcast for you. You can really feel like a sports participant.

And what is the game itself? It is not complicated, so do not set up that you will have to familiarize yourself with a long list of rules.

The guide (or leading) is responsible for the course of the game - not only turns the wheel, but also runs bonus games.

Your task is of course ... betting! This time you submit plants for numbers: 1, 2, 5 or 10.

These numbers appear on the wheel in groups of five, separated by a single field with the designation of one of the four bonus games.

If your bet will win, you will get a start-up rate multiplied by the number you bet.

All otherwise everything looks in the case of bonus rounds, but you can read about this in the next review section.

How to play Crazy Time?

At the very beginning, when you find yourself in the studio, at the bottom of the screen you will be able to set the bet value, and choose one of 8 bet options (Four numbers or four bonus rounds).

Interestingly, you have to choose at least one option, but there are no upper restrictions, and for example, for example, all numbers or all bonuses, You can even win additional prizes.

Later, the main round will start. Rotate in it will not only a fortune wheel, but also a machine at the top.

The machine will grow multipliers, which in the event that on the wheel there will be one of your options, will be activated and enlarged your prize.

If there are numbers on the wheel - awards will be paid to everyone whose plants are winning (taking into account multipliers).

If, however, a bonus will be drawn, you will either a participant of a bonus game (when you bet this bonus round), or its viewer (when you have not bet on it).

Below, we will look closer to individual bonus rounds:

Coin Flip

This is probably the least complicated from all bonus rounds. A coin throw decides about the multiplier.

The coin with a blue and red side is tossed, and in the meantime for each color random multipliers are generated.

This side of the coin, which will fall a naturally multiplier, through which the win will be multiplied.

Cash Hunt

In this game you will turn in ... Hunter. On the screen the shooting range with up to 108 fields will be displayed (and a random multiplier is hidden under each of them).

The player must choose his goal, and after a while he shoots him with cannon. This is an extremely interactive round, because every player authorized to this round chooses his goal.


In this game there is a wall with lots of ... pegs. The guide of the game releases the disc, and the pin at which he finally lands will decide about the multiplier.

If the disc stop at DOUBLE, all multipliers on the bottom of the wall will be doubled, and the entire drawing procedure is repeated (until a particular multiplier falls out or until the limit is exceeded 10 000x).

Great Crazy Time game

Before starting a round, you choose one of three colored flaps.

A guiding game puts into a gigantic wheel, pushing a special red button. A multiplier is drawn.

However, this time you can draw fields DOUBLE or TRIPLE - Multiplier values are properly multiplied 2x. or Reverse.

Then the wheel turns again (maximally to 20 000x).

Crazy Time - Withdrawals

In the payouts themselves, there is nothing complicated. Means supply your game balance right after the presenter of the field in the main game.

Of course, provided your bet was winning.

However, in the case of bonus games, you will have to wait for the end of each round, but you should not complain, because participation in it means that you have a chance to win a lot.

Strategy in Crazy Time

Although the game does not seem very complicated, it is worth preparing well to it.

Already in the main game you will certainly notice that some bet options appear more often on the wheel.

And so in each group of five numbers a lot more often occur 1, 2 and 5 than 10.

This means that you have a higher probability of winning if you do not bet 10.

On the other hand, this will be associated with smaller winnings, because if you hit, then your rate will be multiplied.

In the case of bonus rounds, those fall on the fortune wheel much less frequently than numbers. On the other hand, they can bring gigantic winnings.

It is also worth noting that in the case of bonus games, a bit harder about the strategy, because most of the options are generated here completely randomly.

Although, for example, in Cash Huntwhether in a big game Crazy Time, you have some decisions to take.

Therefore, think carefully at the start that the strategy you want to peel. Also remember that although binding all numbers or bonus games can be tempting, it will be associated with considerable expenses.

Graphics and sound

The audiovisual site of this game has been exceptionally refined by the team of creators from Evolution Gaming.

Everywhere it is full of colors, and the diversity of bonus games screens should also delight players.

Initially, you can feel a bit overwhelmed with sounds and colors, but you do not need a lot of time that the feeling of terror has completely pass.

Anyway, this is probably also in the showing - first participants must be used to the studio.

Definitely praise the evolution gaming for the implementation of this game, as well as attention to the transmission itself.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that he is sitting at home in front of a computer, and is not part of a big game in the studio, shoulder on shoulder with a leading.

Other television style shows

If you look at this type of "show" games, here is a list of several other proposals that can be liked.

Dream Catcher

This title had to appear first. Ultimately Dream Catcher She was the Crazy Time predecessor.

Anyway, it was the first of this type of games in the Evolution Gaming portfolio.

The game focuses on a presenter that turns the fortune wheel. Players bet on numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40.

As with Crazy Time, if the plant checks, these numbers can become multipliers simultaneously.

However, the game is less complicated - there are no additional bonus rounds here.

Monopoly Live

This great game refers to the most popular World Board Games (and for sure one of the most popular).

She was created in cooperation with Hasbro and Evolution Gaming ensures that this One of the most unique live games.

There is something about it, because and monopoly, and near Fortuny are nothing new, but the game itself still seems to be different.

Perhaps this is the availability of quite a lot of options or its exceptionally successful implementation in HR.

Mega Ball

Mega Ball, like other Evolution Gaming games, takes place in a colorful studio.

This time, the balls are entering the game. There are until 51all are numbered and they can bring you enormous winnings.

Lightning Dice

Of the games mentioned here, this is probably the most unprecedented proposition. It is directed for live games fans, but also slotsor Bingo.

As in the case of Crazy Time and in Lightning Dice, the main violin play multipliers.

They can increase your rate up to a thousand times. Rules are not complicated.

The game puts three cubes into a special glowing tower. Players bet on the sum of all meshes on the ankles after they fall out of the tower.

Simple, but at the same time should not bored anyone.


Crazy Time is a game that definitely will guarantee this title madness.

The head hurts you from a multitude of multipliers in four different bonus rounds.

You will also appreciate the game. Graphics and sounds have been really refined.

Crazy Time is certainly a proposal for all enthusiasts of interactive games.

It can also be a good game at the beginning of your adventure with live casino, because although it is quite expanded, the same course of the game is not heavy, neither requires knowledge of many combinations or principles (as sometimes happens for table games).

Frequently Asked Questions

Crazy Time is an interactive game maintained in the Selection Formula. This is a game that takes place in real time - the presenter is somewhere in the studio, and you can follow everything that is doing thanks to the transmission.
This is not an online machine, so it's hard for a standard jackpot. However, you can win a really big sum thanks to the four bonus ghomes and many multipliers.
No, although a lot of casinos provides this game, you certainly will not find her everywhere. Especially that this is a new game. Take a look at our website with online casinos to find out which Crazy Time!
It is worth familiarizing with the general principles of Crazy Time. There is not much, so you should go smoothly.